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April 2011: Orion Photonics Ltd is created

Posted in News on Saturday 2nd April 2011 at 9:41am

Orion Photonics Ltd was formed to provide support for organisations where the technology of thin films plays a strategic role. It was created by the directors of AJ Thin Films, a thin film design and process development company and Wordentec Ltd, a manufacturer of precision optical coating systems.

Both companies have a long pedigree in all aspects of vacuum coating systems and optical thin films and the formation of Orion Photonics provides an unrivalled synergy and strategic alliance. The company acquired the assets of AFE Technology Coatings Ltd when the parent company AFE decided to close their facility at Plympton to concentrate on their core business of Fibre-Optics.

Orion Photonics has been successful in bringing together key personnel from AFETC who know the systems and market, and the strong engineering support of Wordentec Ltd. The new company is in a strong position, as it continues to service previous AFETC customers while attracting new clients.